Work Style Profile: Marie Poulin

What does a day in your work life look like?

“Every day looks a little different, but generally speaking, I like to theme my days of the week.

  • Mondays tend to be focused on planning and administrative work, including team meetings
  • Tuesdays are teaching-focused
  • Wednesdays are for content creation and deep work
  • Thursdays are for marketing-focused activities and connecting with my network (podcast interviews, connection calls)
  • Fridays are buffer days.

What approach did you take to optimize your work schedule for you?

“Figuring out my schedule has taken many years of trial and error, along with diligent journaling to notice patterns.

Why did you choose to go against the standard 9–5 schedule?

“I always knew a 9–5 schedule didn’t work for me. It never did, and it likely never will. Getting to school on time was always a challenge. Getting to the office when I was employed was a challenge.

What’s one area you’re still looking to improve?

“I’m still always looking to improve the consistency of my output, to even out the extremes of my working patterns! I’m very ‘all or nothing,’ but that’s not ideal when you work with a team, so I do my best, but there’s always room to improve!”

What is your top tip for someone wanting to transition away from the standard work schedule?

“Track your time and activities. Pay attention to what works.



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