Work Style Profile: Khe Hy

What does a day in your work life look like?

“Mother Nature is a fickle beast. Every morning, I wake up and watch the tides, wind, and swell on a group thread with some surf friends. My workday doesn’t start until I’ve taken my kids to school, surfed, and had a nice late breakfast.

What approach did you take to optimize your work schedule for you?

“My work schedule is optimized around a few parameters:

  1. The needs of my team. As a CEO/manager, I recognize that my job is to support their highest value (i.e., $10K Work).
  2. My family and surf time. I decided to start a company so that I could spend a lot of time with my family during their younger years. (Then we moved to the beach and surfing entered the picture.)
  3. Managing energy as opposed to time. I am a creature of habit and try my hardest (though I recognize that it’s not always possible) to align my energy levels with my highest-leverage work.
  4. Prioritizing $10K Work. This is our internal framework for getting more done by working less. It serves as a guide for ruthless prioritization, saying no and doubling down on work that truly moves the needle.”​

Why did you choose to go against the standard 9–5 schedule?

“I view my life in seasons, and I’m currently in an “I’m healthy and have young kids” season. So I want to take in the sweet nectar that is life in its current phase. I recognize that as seasons change (i.e., my kids become less dependent on me), I may be open to different schedules to align with my life.”​

What’s one area you’re still looking to improve?

“Setting boundaries. I only work about 35 hours a week, but I’m ALWAYS thinking about work. This shows up via a lack of presence or distraction around the folks I love most. Even though I don’t have a phone in front of me, I’m still not FULLY with them.”​

What is your top tip for someone wanting to transition away from the standard work schedule?

“Use a future-casting (or visualization) exercise to paint a picture of your ideal workday. Take a page in your journal and just write. Don’t overthink. Just write what comes to mind. Ask questions like:

  • Who am I with?
  • What am I working on?
  • What does my schedule look like?
  • Who am I with?
  • What’s my internal chatter?
  • What are my colleagues like?
  • What am I wearing?
  • What makes me smile?



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