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Marissa Goldberg
9 min readJul 13, 2022


Today, we’re taking a short break from workday profiles and deep dives to bring you a list of my favorite WFH buys from Amazon just in time for the Prime Day sale. Below I’ve shared 24 products from lifestyle to books to home office upgrades I recommend to anyone working remotely 👀 Let’s dive in!

Quick note: Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. I’ve paid full price for every single thing on this list and have used each item for at least 6+ months. I only recommend things I use and love.

Lifestyle Upgrades

Lap Desk

We’ve talked about how I love working from multiple zones in the house. While my office and dining room have tables/desks to work from, it’s not so easy when I’m working from bed or the couch. In those instances, I use this portable lap desk. I love the design, how it has holders for tablets and phones, and how lightweight it is despite the size.

Swell Water Bottle

I live in a super dry climate and find I stay better hydrated when I have easy access to cold water. These bottles are triple-layered and vacuum-insulated to keep your water cold all day. I use my 17 oz. bottle every single day.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

In our first newsletter, I shared how I no longer use an alarm clock to wake up and why you should consider doing the same. If you want to make the transition, this sunrise alarm clock can be a huge help. It simulates the sunrise and sunset and offers more calming nature sounds if you feel like you still need something audible.

Color Changing Bulbs

Another option is to use smart bulbs in your current lights. I use these Hue bulbs for sunrise alarms and set the lighting for different working modes. Bright for focus mode, moodier lighting for creative work, and fun colors for chill mode. I think lighting is an untapped mental trigger.

Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell is a must-have if you’re working from home. When someone rings, I can check on my phone to see if it’s someone I need to talk to or a salesperson who will waste my time. I also get notifications when my packages are delivered. It’s also handy for checking if you remembered to close the garage door without having to turn the car around. I’ve used the Google Nest one for years and loved it. If I had to choose one smart home upgrade to keep, this is the one I’d choose.

Slippers (Women | Men)

When everyone started working from home, there was a rise in foot injuries as people who used to wear shoes all day were now going barefoot. We’re a ‘no shoes in the house’ home, so I wear indoor slippers. These ones from Minnetonka are my absolute favorite because they provide both cushion and support. Highly recommend especially if you have hardwood at home.


Dedicated by Pete Davis

If my post about being a remote work settler instead of a nomad resonated with you, definitely check out this book. It’s all about how many of us live in “infinite scroll mode,” where we refuse to make a decision in fear that a better option is just around the corner. However, keeping our options open removes the opportunity for purpose, community, and depth that comes with commitment. This book acts as an inspiration and guide for leaving behind infinite scroll mode so you can choose a more meaningful future for yourself.

When by Daniel Pink

Many people working from home make the big mistake of focusing on time management instead of energy management. Not all hours are equal, though. For example, working 1 hour in peak energy mode is much better than working 1 hour in low energy mode. Understanding this means less time working while getting more done. Knowing where your time is going is helpful, but tracking your energy levels is an even more significant game-changer. This book is an excellent intro to this topic.

Think Again by Adam Grant

Unlearning many deeply ingrained office habits is essential to an effective remote work experience. Yet, the skill of unlearning isn’t something most of us have. Think Again by Adam Grant provides an important introduction to this skill. This was one of the best books I read in 2021.

Out of Office by Charlie Warzel and Anne Helen Petersen

This book talks about remote work in a way that I rarely see discussed — Not only focusing on the work experience but also on how it can change your life. Check this book out if you want to reshape your relationship with work.

Work Clean by Dan Charnas

This work organization book is based on the culinary world’s mise-en-place concept. Despite being written for the office work world, it includes tons of great concepts and ideas that work even better for the remote workplace. This is one of my most highlighted books of 2022.

Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman

This book is the reality check you need for your never-ending to-do list. Working asynchronously requires you to switch from working harder to working smarter, and this book helps you reframe how you think about time. Instead of being about how to squeeze more in, it’s about how to make sure you’re spending your limited time on the right things.

Small Items, Big Impact

Ring Light

95% of people don’t need expensive lighting. Most can get away with a well-placed window or a basic ring light. I have fancy lighting, yet I use this lighting for most of my meetings because it’s so much easier.

Remote Light Bulb

If you bought softbox lighting with only an on/off setting, I highly recommend upgrading with this bulb. It’s an inexpensive upgrade that allows you to switch between warm, cold, and white light while also adjusting the intensity. The remote is also handy for changing lighting settings mid-call as needed.

Cable Management Box and Cable Ties

This cable management box hides away even the bulkiest of your cords in a sleek wood box. Definitely check out the sizing before purchasing, as it is quite a big box. Also, these flexible, magnetic cable ties are my favorite for keeping cords tidy.

Coffee Mug Warmer

You know that moment when you brew a fresh cup of coffee but then get stuck in a long Zoom meeting, and it’s cold by the end? This mug warmer helps you avoid that. It helps keep your warm beverage at the perfect temperature for as long as you want. I prefer this one over the ones built into the coffee cup because this warmer works with all of your favorite mugs.

Foot Rest

A cheaper way to upgrade your ergonomic set-up is simply getting a footrest. Next time you’re at your desk, notice how your knees bend. Are they at a 90-degree angle? If not, you most likely need a foot rest. This helps keep your legs at the optimal angle without hanging. It’s much more comfortable too.

Portable, External Storage (and Case)

A lot of remote workers use their personal computers for work. Please remember to back up your data. Trust me. If your computer goes down and you lose all your personal and professional data in one moment, it will be one of your worst days. It’s recommended to have two backup points: cloud-based storage and portable, external storage. This is what I recommend for your external storage. It’s fast and small. Highly recommend this case to keep it protected too.

Office Upgrades

Laptop Stand

If your eyes have to look down at your laptop, this encourages slouching and tech neck. Raising your screen to eye level is another simple ergonomic fix that makes a big difference. This is the laptop stand that I use. It’s sturdy and takes up minimum space.


I can’t stand in-ear headphones. I find them uncomfortable, especially for longer meeting days. Secret pro-tip: Check out gaming headsets. They are high quality and made to be worn comfortably for long periods. I’m a big fan of these from HyperX. If you prefer wireless, these are also great.

Headset Hook

A clear desk helps me work. When my headset is not in use, it’s hung on this convenient hook. I like that it’s adjustable and has a rotating arm, so I can always find a good position for it when I decide to reassemble my office space.


If you’re filming videos or you’d love to look people in the eye on Zoom calls, a teleprompter is what you need. If you find it uncomfortable to look into a camera, this makes it simple by obscuring the camera and reflecting whatever is on your tablet back to you. I bought this one on a recommendation in January, and it made filming my Avoiding Burnout from Remote Work course SO much easier.

Sturdy Tripod

This is the tripod I use for my teleprompter, but you can use it for cameras too. Other tripods I’ve bought off Amazon have felt cheap and flimsy, but this one is incredibly sturdy and well made.


I’ll be honest, I hate exercise. Just isn’t for me. However, it is unfortunately required to lead a healthy and happy life. It’s important to have easy ways to get that exercise, especially if you have an incredibly sedentary job like most remote workers. If I were to recommend just one exercise machine, it would be a rower. Rowing allows you to exercise your whole body in a limited amount of time. You’ll start feeling the workout even if you just use it 5 minutes a day. Add this to your office and jump on during breaks. This one is nice because you can fold it up so it takes less room when it’s not in use. It’s the one I’ve used and loved since 2016 and still use daily.

Hope you enjoyed these WFH favorites from Amazon and you’re able to find some great deals during the Prime Day sale! For more remote work picks, check out my WFH Gift Guide.

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