Look Out for These Hybrid Work Red Flags

Red Flag 1 — The Decision Maker Is in Person

Many companies are trying to appease disgruntled workers by telling them, “Don’t worry! You can work some days from home. The only people required in the office full-time will be management.” But this is a huge red flag.

Red Flag 2 — Reduced Remote Work Benefits

Remote work is all about giving agency to the individual on where, when, and how they work. Hybrid work removes this agency.

Red Flag 3 — Unequal Opportunity Distribution

Many companies that were remote during the pandemic and are now switching to hybrid never adapted to the writing-first culture required to be successful. Having team members back in the office where they can rely on shoulder taps and interruptions will only make this worse. Their remote workers will be left in the dark and won’t have the resources they need to do their job successfully.

Red Flag 4 — Commuting To Spend Time on Zoom

The people I’ve seen excited about current hybrid plans tend to either be older (and missing the familiarity of the office) or managers (who felt out of their element and didn’t get the training they needed to manage remote teams). However, I’ve seen both of their excitement diminish over the last few weeks as they experience the reality of commuting only to spend their workday on Zoom. Many of them didn’t realize that they weren’t going back to their pre-2020 way of work.



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