Welcome to the next profile in our Work Styles series! In each profile, we highlight one person’s untraditional workday. You’ll get an inside look at alternatives to the traditional 9–5, Monday-Friday schedule (and maybe pick up something new to try).

Today, we’re featuring the amazing Steph Smith! Steph is the…

When you switch to remote work, you know your working style will change, but it isn’t apparent how your life will change. Though less talked about, these changes have an even more significant impact.

Today, I’m going to get personal (something I don’t usually do) and talk about the unexpected…

Normal remote work is making a comeback. You might be thinking, “What? I’ve been working remotely all year!” Yes, you’ve been working remotely, but it’s been far from normal.

You’ve been working from home during a pandemic. This means that many common perks from working remotely were ripped away: having…

Marissa Goldberg

Founder of Remote Work Prep https://www.remoteworkprep.com/

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