2021 in Review: Quitting my 9–5, newsletter stats, and not being able to walk

Life Events

Launched my newsletter

I put this off for so long because I knew nothing about creating a newsletter. A couple of things made me finally pull the trigger:

  1. Taking baby steps and building in public. Instead of thinking of everything I needed to do, I just focused on the next step. Then, I shared the journey to show followers what was happening behind the scenes.
  2. Purchasing the Newsletter OS from Janel Loi. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. This product helped me fill in the blanks.
  3. Leaning on support from followers and my network. My followers requesting a newsletter and helping along the way was a huge inspiration for me actually going through with it. Instead of building it for me, I was building it for them.

Got my COVID vaccine

I got my COVID vaccine as soon as I was eligible (and could find an appointment). My first Moderna shot was in early April, and I had an absolutely terrible allergic reaction to it. A couple of minutes in, I felt faint, couldn’t breathe, and had a terrible rash. Luckily, it passed. I got my 2nd shot in late April (after getting doctor approval) and, weirdly, did not get an allergic reaction. Same for my booster shot in November. I was on allergy medication for other things for the final 2 shots, so maybe that had something to do with it? Who knows.

Launched my first CBC

This wasn’t something I expected to happen in 2021. But the stars aligned and offered me an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. I created and ran a 4-week live cohort course on Mastering Remote Leadership. Overall, it was a huge success:

  • Just the first cohort made five figures
  • The guest speakers killed it
  • We had the BEST students (Seriously. Couldn’t have asked for a better group.)
  • The course received rave reviews like this one:

Quit my job and started working for myself

I didn’t realize it until I looked back, but every step I took in 2021 was building to this. I had started my company, Remote Work Prep, in 2018 and ran it on the side. In January 2021, I negotiated more time (half-day on Wednesday and Friday off) instead of more money to help keep up with my business growth.

Grew my connections

I’m a huge introvert and tend to keep a very tight circle, but this year that circle expanded quite a bit. I completed multiple courses including the On Deck Founder Fellowship, Minimalist Entrepreneur, Maven CBC Builder, and the Portfolio of Small Bets course that allowed me to expand my network. I was also fortunate enough to meet several amazing women who inspired me and supported my solopreneur journey. Plus, I have the very best followers.

Couldn’t walk for 5 months

2021 wasn’t all rainbows and roses. In early July, I was in the best shape of my life. I had used some of the extra time after quitting my 9–5 towards exercising. I was feeling great, and then, suddenly, I wasn’t. One day, I had a throbbing in the metatarsal of my left foot. It grew until I could not put any weight on it.

Top Twitter Moments

I didn’t spend as much time on Twitter this year as I did in 2020, but I still doubled my followers (3k to 7.5k) and received over 10 million impressions. Out of that, 4 million of the impressions came from these 5 tweets:

Some Random Favorite Memories

  • Building the Lego bonsai tree
  • Launching the 10-Day Question the Default Challenge
  • Getting my first haircut since the pandemic started
  • When a beautiful owl chilled on my deck all day
  • Helping a company be remote-first from day 0 of their company being founded for the first time (so much fun)
  • Finding a small park nearby with a cute, little coffee shop that we had never heard of
  • Taking my first 3-week vacation
  • Getting featured in Every’s Sunday Digest
  • Launching the Slack Hacks guide
  • Finally finding a PS5 for my husband

Best of the Year



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